• The nature of concrete:Tadao Ando’s buildings are elemental, writes Dr Thomas Schielke. They embrace naturalforces, the manmade meeting sunlight and wind.
  • Clear vision: Glass has been the key to her understanding of lighting, says Czech architect Eva Jiřičná.‘It’s a material that comes alive through light,’ she tells Amanda Birch
  • Lightspace london 2018: Special preview of a unique architectural lighting event
  • The meaning of light: Marking the 50th volume of Lighting, a celebratory exploration of the language, the art, the life-giving nature of visible (and invisible) radiation.
  • To break the box: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Johnson Building – his magnificently flawed but feted masterpiece – was an architectural and lighting landmark. Mark Hertzberg tells the inside story.
  • Modestly blazing: Charlotte Perriand’s contribution to modern design was overshadowed by those of Le Corbusier and Jean Prouvé, writes Francis Pearce. Now, though, her luminairedesigns are being mass-produced
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Ricardo Morcillo | Lighting Designer | Architect